$2.8-Million Contract To Tacoma Boat Has $97.5-Million Potential

Tacoma Boatbuilding Co. announced recently that an initial down payment has been received on a contract with All American Fisheries, Inc., a San Francisco-based fishing company, for the construction of a 5,000-gross-ton 367-footlong Surimi fishing processing trawler.

The vessel, which has a contract value of $20,800,000 is scheduled for delivery in June of 1986. This contract includes the cost of installing a significant quantity of contractor furnished processing equipment for the Surimi product.

In addition, the contract with All American Fisheries, Inc. contains options for four additional vessels to be delivered over the next five years and the total contract, including options is worth $97,460,000 to the Tacoma-based shipbuilder.

The vessels, which are the first of this type to be built in the U.S., will be homeported to Seattle, Wash. J and will operate in the Bering Sea.

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