Vaporphase To Supply Systems For Four New USCG Cutters

Vaporphase by Engineering Controls Division of Pott Industries Inc., St. Louis, Mo., has received an order for the complete Waste Heat Recovery Systems for four 270-foot Medium Endurance Coast Guard Cutters being constructed by Tacoma Boatbuilding Co., Inc., Tacoma, Wash.

A pioneer in the development of high-temperature cooling of reciprocating engines and waste heat recovery since the late thirties, Engineering Controls has more installed horsepower than anyone else in the field.

A first for the Coast Guard, the Caterpillar D-398 diesel ship service generator sets will be high-temperature cooled by Vaporphase to recover jacket water and exhaust heat, normally rejected to the sea and to atmosphere, in the form of low-pressure steam. The utilization of the heat recovered increases the thermal efficiency of the diesel generator sets by approximately 42 percent. This recovered heat will be used for the quarters heating and distillation load, eliminating the need for a fired boiler and its fuel requirements onboard.

Other innovations in the cutter design include a computerized command display and control system, which integrates vital functions such as weapons, sensors, navigation, and bridge into a twoman computer station, Navysupplied sophisticated weaponry, and helicopter.

Engineering Controls is an affiliate of St. Louis Ship, a Division of Pott Industries Inc., a Houston Natural Gas Corporation subsidiary.

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