Frederikshavn Werft Offers Color 20-Page RO/RO Ship Brochure

Frederikshavn Werft A/S of Denmark, a leading European shipyard in the field of design and construction of merchant and naval vessels, is offering free, an elaborate 20-page color brochure on their roll-on /rolloff (RO/RO) ships.

The elaborate brochure offered by Frederikshavn Werft, which has more than 10 years' experience in RO/RO ship design, contains a detailed, full-color, four-layer acetate overlay model showing the company's RO/RO multiflex ship under various cargo load conditions. The overlay model reveals the various cargo spaces and holds, as well as fixed and external ramps incorporated into the Frederikshavn Werftdesigned RO/RO multiflex ships.

The versatile multiflex vessels can carry such cargoes as containers, trailers, cars, low loaders, construction and agriculture machinery, as well as all types of general or semibulk cargo, from pallets to project cargo.

A section in the color publication is devoted to each of the four types of RO/RO designs offered by Frederikshavn, as well as blue line drawings for each ship type.

For a free copy of this well-illustrated color brochure from Frederikshavn Werft,

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