Northern California SNAME Hears Paper On RO/RO Ships

northern california sname
hears paper on roro ships

A paper titled "The 'Skaugran' Class 42,400-dwt RO/ROs," was presented by R. Keith Michel of the Herbert Engineering Corporation, San Francisco, at a recent meeting of the Northern California Section of The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers in San Francisco.

The Skaugran and her sistership, the Skaubord, are roll-on'' roll-off ships specially designed to carry forest products from the West Coast of Canada to Japan, and return with a cargo of automobiles. Basic design of the ships was developed by Herbert Engineering for the charters, Seaboard Shipping Company, Ltd. of Vancouver, B.C., Canada. The vessels are owned by I.M. Skaugen Company of Oslo, Norway, and were built by the Fredriksstad Mek. Verksted of Fredrikstad, Norway. Each ship can carry approximately 20-million board feet of packaged lumber at three deck levels, and each is equipped with hoistable cardecks that permit approximately 3,500 p a s s e n g er cars and small trucks to be carried at nine deck levels. The ships are notable for their full hull form, large clear deck areas, and wide stern ramps that promote fast cargo handling and efficient stowage.

Development of the vessels was discussed by the author in detail with special emphasis on cargo stowage and handling and unconventional vessel features. An extensive discussion period followed the presentation of the paper.

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