Superseacat Service To Be Launched

Sea Containers will launch its $30 million Superseacat Four fast ferry ser- vice operating between Tallinn, Estonia and Helsinki, Finland beginning April 2000. Measuring 328 ft. (100 m), with a capacity for 752 passengers, the Italianflagged vessel will provide three sailings a day (four during peak season) until year-end.

Sea Containers is currently establishing a company in Estonia who will manage the vessel, while Silja Line of Helsinki will serve as general sales and marketing agents.

The service will boast the Silja brand name. The technologically driven ferry will operate between Tallinn and Helsinki in 90 minutes at an average speed of 37.8 knots, about 42-rpm. Already operating on the Irish Sea and English Channel are Superseacat's trio of sisterships, offering a smooth ride resulting from an underwater wing called a T-foil, which acts as a stabilizer for the vessel, and working like an aerofoil, improves the ride by 60 percent. Facilities onboard Superseacat include guaranteed seating for all 752 passengers on two decks and a 50-seat business class lounge.

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