Christen Navy Hydrofoil 'Aquila' —Third Of Six Missile Ships Building At Boeing Marine

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The Patrol Hydrofoil Missileship Aquila (PHM-4), the third of six all-weather combatant hydrofoils being built by Boeing Marine Systems, Seattle, Wash., for the U.S. Navy, shown during her recent launching, will join Pegasus (PHM-1) and Taurus (PHM-3), already commissioned, and three other PHMs to be delivered next year to form a six-ship PHM squadron at Key West, Fla.

The Aquila was christened by Mrs. John D. Bulkeley, wife of Rear Adm. Bulkeley, president of the Navy Board of Inspection and Survey, and principal speaker at the launch ceremony.

The PHM is a compact, highly mobile, combatant Hydrofoil ship capable of speeds exceeding 40 knots. Designed for all-weather operations, PHM's fully submerged foil system permits the ship to operate in heavy seas with stability normally available only in much larger ships. The hydrofoils are equipped with Harpoon missiles and rapidfire 76-mm cannon.

Boeing Marine Systems also produces commercial hydrofoils called Jetfoils, which have accumulated more than 100,000 hours of service and carried over 11,000,000 passengers since beginning operation in 1975.

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