High-Speed Supermaran Ferry Marine Hawk Enters Service

highspeed enters

The Mitsui Supermaran CP30 type Marine Hawk was recently delivered at the Tamano Works of Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, to her joint owners, The Maritime Credit Corporation and Nankai Ferry Co., Ltd. She is a catamaran type highspeed passenger vessel built of light alloy, and is now engaged in domestic regular passenger service.

The Mitsui Supermaran, having a unique catamaran hull form completely different from conventional catamarans, is a very economical seaworthy passenger boat, with excellent high-speed performance.

All seats are on the upper deck to give passengers an extensive view through large windows and one meter between each row of seats for ample leg room. It is fully air conditioned and comparatively free from noise and vibration, allowing the passengers an enjoyable and comfortable ride.

Design and construction of the Mitsui Supermaran CP30 type was based on MES's experience in high-speed vessel design including Hovercraft and semi-submerged catamarans.

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